How to explain Alzheimer's disease to a child?

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Posted by Kenn Kenn

Since early 2017 my children's book 'Grandpa, do you remember?' is available through Amazon. Is an illustrated children's book where I explain in a clear and simple way Alzheimer's disease and what a child can do to help a loved one who suffers from this disease.

The book is based on actual facts, my grandfather had Alzheimer's. For me it was a shock, since I live in another country and I travel back once a year I can not see my loved ones as much as I wish. It was from this moment that I put myself on the skin of a child and I imagined how I could explain the disease in an easy but understandable way.

Grandpa, do you remember? is available in paperback and Kindle format.

Grandpa, do you remember? Facebook page.

Click here to read a sample.